Empirically vs. theoretical: Which bachelor thesis you should make up your mind


Write The opportunities for undergraduate work, there are two major areas: the empiricism and theory. But which way is the right one for you? In this paper, we show you how you can answer this question for you.

About the guidelines inform

It was supposed to be logical, but sometimes custom papers written the most obvious steps are forgotten. Inquire with your examination office or at your supervisor about the possibility to write your thesis

The Department of Psychology, Humboldt University of Berlin, for example, offers an online guide for students. So Bachelor graduates know exactly which formats come for her work in question.
If your university does not provide relevant documents available in the network, you should actively pursue contact person to go and time to obtain the information to choose your Bachelorarbeits method you.

The empirical thesis

In an empirical thesis You care even for data you subsequently looking at the work and auswertest. So you have before the actual writing practical work in front of you. You become a scientist who pursues the help of data collection a deployed hypothesis.

Tip: Sometimes raw data already exist, but have not yet been evaluated. This can be a good basis for your dissertation.

To access the data, you decide – in consultation with your supervisor – for an empirical method. These include, for example, interviews, as well as specially designed experimental studies. These are qualitative methods. but you can also carry out through standardized questionnaires surveys. This is one of the quantitative methods that can be displayed in the subsequent thesis in Statistics. What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods and how they are properly installed in your dissertation, you will learn in this video.


Empirical thesis: The Benefits

If the empirical thesis you have a hat on, say, you know your data exactly as you have the full view of the collection to analysis. Your commitment to the thesis will not go unnoticed in addition to the auditors. Scientific work that goes beyond mere literature show, enjoys in the research a high priority.


Empirical thesis: The disadvantages

Compared to the theoretical thesis the empirical methodology caused a lot of effort. But the study design may take in consultation with the supervisor weeks. takes the more complex the process of the study, the longer practicing the procedures.

Also the evaluation of qualitative interviews caused a lot of work, as the subsequent evaluation of the detailed discussions will require many hours. Most also a close time frame, you will be stuck within which you have conducted the study or interviews or surveys need.

The theoretical thesis

In contrast to the empirical thesis You are employed by the theoretical work primarily with the views and analysis of literature sources. So you attack back to already present material.

Usually you have writingbee three approaches to choose from:

thesis-antithesis-synthesis where you can dedicate yourself to a theory, then to you to face another theory. The essence of your argument then flows into the synthesis.
Comparison A comparison is similar to the model These- antithesis-synthesis, but not quite as strict in its structure. So you can compare, classify their relevance and evaluate based on verifiable conclusions several scientific approaches. In other words:. Explain the basis of scientific arguments and not solely on the basis of your opinion
Systematic approach Here are dealing with you you detail a theory in regard to the question: you Solves the problem? So you walk the path of another scientist by to check whether the established theory is sound.


Theoretical Bachelor Work: The Benefits

The biggest advantage is obvious: You have to make any elaborate empirical groundwork. Accordingly, you save you collect data the effort. In addition, you are independent of other people such as study subjects. You can write to your theoretical thesis at any place and at any time and are therefore flexible.


Theoretical Bachelor Work: The disadvantages

Theoretical Bachelor Work within the meaning of reviews and the discussion of the theory are not necessarily less expensive than an empirical work. Because even if it is “only” the theoretical examination of a topic, you have a high amount of research required. You have to log in the existing literature to incorporate and then develop their own approaches and ideas, which can also take time.

Theoretical vs. practical thesis: Conclusion

Whether you decide you for an empirical or theoretical Bachelor work is dependent on which type of service you are. Is out practical work with people? Then empiricism is more your area. If you, however, write the homework easier killed in the study and you appreciate the peace and quiet while writing your thesis, you should go towards theory.

I wish you much success in writing your thesis! If you have any questions or need help with thesis data, you can feel free to contact our team or a post.

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