Room Additions

Room Additions

There are many different problems homeowners might have with the lack of space in their home. It is natural then that our room additions service is flexible enough to adapt the newly built room for a variety of purposes. It can serve as an extended kitchen or bathroom, a master bedroom or an additional bathroom, an in-law suite, sunroom, gym, home office – you name it, we design it for you.

Milwaukee Remodel Center is one of the leading home remodeling companies in the city, and one of our core areas of specialization is room additions. This area of remodeling focuses on re-planning spaces and redesigning rooms to either expand them or create additional partitions. It is certainly not a DIY project and requires professionals with the highest levels of certification and experience.

The use of top-of-the-range materials

Our experts use the most technologically advanced materials and products in order to make sure that the final product is of the highest quality. These materials include additional roofing items, boards as well as paints. We source items from thoroughly vetted suppliers and always keep pace with changing market trends and preferences.

A custom approach

Milwaukee residents tend to have very specific preferences when it comes to remodeling, which is why we work closely with clients to make sure that their opinions are factored in the final room addition process. We take clients’ ideas and combine them with our expertise in order to come up with a flawless end product.


Once we take up a room addition project, our experts get started right away, according to the completion of agreements and documentation of the contract. Different assignments take varied time frames to complete but the deadlines involved are always adhered to without fail. We value our customers’ time and always look to have them using the new rooms within the shortest time possible.

A modern approach to room additions

Houses in Milwaukee have evolved, and it is important that room additions fall in line with this trend. We focus on modern design approaches in order to come up with living or outdoor spaces that are trendy and well thought-out.

Experienced personnel and room addition professionals

Our remodeling professionals have been in the industry for a long time now and are capable of taking on any room addition project regardless of scope. We use 3D tools to come up with renderings of what rooms should look like when our projects have been completed, which gives the customer a sense of what to expect.

Don’t leave your room additions project to chance – contact Milwaukee Remodel Center and get the additional space you long for.