About Us

About Us

Milwaukee Remodel Center is a licensed remodeling contractor (Contractor License #123456), specializing in residential remodeling. Our design and construction team has an outstanding track record in giving Milwaukee homeowners beautiful living spaces and sustainable homes they can enjoy for many years to come.

Exciting Designs Tailored to Our Clients’ Needs

We believe in innovation and a constant strive for perfection. It means our design professionals keep up with the latest trends in the industry and design, thus being fully equipped to advise you on the most suitable, yet most exciting design solutions for your home. Your input is crucial to the first stage of the design process, where our skilled designers want you to share your vision with them, so they can turn it into reality. They will always incorporate your ideas into a custom design, simultaneously paying attention to the requirements imposed by the industry and construction standards.

Renowned for Our Integrity

As a respectable Milwaukee remodeling contractor, we provide guidance to our clients regarding the permits necessary for the execution of the project. We can either advise you on the best course of action, or obtain the permits for you.

When faced with new challenges, we never compromise our signature quality. We rely on tradition for support and always strive for fresh ideas and groundbreaking possibilities. The passion of our team is what driver the company forth and gives outstanding results with 100% customer satisfaction.

Fair and Comprehensive Cost Estimates

Before we begin work in a client’s home, we make sure the client is well acquainted with the overall cost, as well as the possibility of unforeseen costs. Drawing upon our experience and expertise, we realize that some costs cannot be accounted for outright, but they can still be predicted. By being honest and providing detailed cost estimates, we categorically stand against hidden charges and costs.

Given an honest and comprehensive estimate, our clients are able to plan a budget rationally and objectively. We have proved successful working with different budgets and project ranges. We value quality service above everything else. Our contractor discounts make it possible for us to offer only the best quality products and materials at affordable prices, which our clients can account for in their budget. The result is always a carefully planned project that stays within budget.

Dedicated to Outstanding Customer Service

At Milwaukee Remodel Center, we believe that a personalized approach to every client is crucial for a successful business. We provide our clients with support and guidance throughout the project, and are here to answer all their questions regarding progress updates and additional improvements. Our project managers are available for phone on in-office consultations.

Milwaukee Remodel Center prides itself on an enviable track record of projects we completed on budget and by the deadline. We are your trustworthy partner for the next remodeling or home additions project.